Accessible technology is the basement of success stories. Our goal is to develop a technology that significantly improves the life of as many people as possible no matter where they are located. We are working on helping companies of all sizes to become players in mobile networks of existing and next generations.

Neutral wireless
With Software Defined Radio (SDR) and DSP enabled radio driving the growth of shared spectrum, neutral hosting, & openRAN for private 5G, Neutral Wireless brings extensive engineering expertise, know-how and strategic partners to support your engineering design and wireless and mobile system deployment, and custom radio system design.  

Since 2004, Alsatis has been offering its services to individuals, companies and territories.
Our objective: to make broadband Internet accessible to all and to deploy today the networks of tomorrow.

Halys (Coeur de reseaux)
Halys is a licensed operator in France with a brand :Executive Telecom, which can host operator services.

Neutroon is a SaaS cloud platform to manage multiple multi-vendor Private 5G + Edge networks and orchestrate the edge apps driving advanced use cases like AR/VR, robotics and AI analytics. Neutroon’s end-to-end platform provides simplicity, scalability, cost savings, increased reliability and unparalleled flexibility to Private 5G operators and Enterprise IT users.

EURECOM is an engineering school and a research centre in digital sciences organised as an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG), bringing together international academic and industrial partners.