AW2S drives technological revolution with the launch of RFSOM module
Feb 24

AW2S announces the launch of its RFSOM module, a groundbreaking card integrating the AMD Zynq Ultrascale+ RFSoC DFE device.

AW2S’s RFSOM module is the cornerstone of the new generation of radio units named NEO. This platform, specifically designed for private networks, is currently being deployed, promising unparalleled performance and exceptional reliability.

The RFSOM is not confined to the NEO platform; it is currently being integrated into various new platforms, expanding its applications to strategic areas such as active antennas for public mobile operators, all-in-one 5G FR2 solutions for virtual reality, or applications like FRMCS (5G railway), for example.

The exceptional computing power of the RFSOM module’s processor will enable AW2S to elevate its existing products to new performance heights, meeting the requirements of current technologies such as split 7.2x ORAN and emerging ones like 5G-A, 6G, and beyond.

AW2S continues to innovate and redefine standards in the wireless communications industry, offering cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of private networks and communication technologies.

This module and theses devices are currently showcased at AW2S’s booth at the Mobile World Congress.

Our joint work with AMD, allowed us to integrate their RFSoC technology innovatively into our solutions. Using AMD adaptive computing solutions not only gives us the opportunity to streamline our costs and optimize our product solutions, but it also opens doors to markets that were previously inaccessible. We are proud and honored of our collaboration with AMD, a globally impactful company with whom we have developed a strong trust relationship over time,” Romuald VETRO, COO, AW2S.

The AMD Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC has changed the way 5G Radios are designed and integrated. With the capabilities of this device, the AW2S NEO platform is able to deliver performance, power and flexibility required by 5G markets like 5G Private and 5G advance,” Gilles Garcia, Senior Director and Business Lead, Wired & Wireless Group, AMD.

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