AW2S is both an equipment manufacturer and sub-contractor in the field of electronic engineering and embedded software. We work alongside our customers throughout the entire project/product life cycle and we perform our activities on our customers’ premises or in our own design offices.

Since its creation, AW2S has built its success on a set of core values:

  • Respect for personnel and customers
  • Proximity of technical management
  • Team spirit and solidarity

Our Human Resources policy, based on genuine attentiveness to the concerns of the people who work with us, fosters personal development by giving everyone the chance to develop their skills on a daily basis.

When you join AW2S, you become part of the extended SERMA Group. You play a role in innovative, long-term projects and you have access to genuine career development opportunities.

If you are an engineer specialised in analogue electronics, digital electronics, power electronics, radio frequency, FPGA or embedded software, join us now!


30 years’ experience in the electronics market

of revenue in 2021

10% annual growth in revenue and workforce

1300 employees

Strong R&D culture

French collective labour agreement for metal industries