4G / 5G Network

Complete Telecom infrastructure
Based on its own radio products, AW2S is able to provide complete 4G/5G telecom infrastructures and services for private, tactical, PMR and cellular Networks.

Based on a fully software solution, AW2S technology includes latest 3GPP release 15 features such as:

  • Carrier Aggregation
  • 256 QAM
  • NB-IOT
  • LTE-M
  • 5G NR

It offers a very flexible solution, as easy to upgrade as a simple software update:
from the standalone solution for Private network, PMR and tactical applications to classical Tri-sector configuration with centralized core network, up to advanced virtualized architectures such as vRAN.

Scalable Solution

  • Single Sector
  • Tri Sector
  • VRAN Configuration
  • O-RAN Configuration